¿What is a Logistics Community System?

DR Trade is an open, electronic, and neutral logistics community system that facilitates the
intelligent and secure exchange of information among chain actors, providing real-time visibility of
all cargo and critical data to plan their resources. It optimizes, manages, and automates all logistics
processes. A new tool that facilitates trade between the Dominican Republic and the rest of the
world, with the ability to connect with all current computer systems, linking administrative
processes with operational ones, creating transparency, and reducing commercial burdens to
increase the performance of all its users and the entire logistics chain.

We simplify all logistics processes by bringing together all institutions on a single platform, creating efficiency, eliminating monthly processes, saving time and resources for the entire chain.

To transform the Dominican Republic into the Logistics Hub of the region.

To facilitate and streamline trade through logistical innovation.

  • Commitment: DR Trade is committed to providing its users with improved real-time visibility of all their shipments.
  • User Orientation: DR Trade will empower its users to effectively enhance and redirect their resources in other areas.
  • Employee Commitment: DR Trade is committed to fostering a dedicated and motivated workforce.
  • Transparency: Our utmost commitment is to offer transparency, providing users with real-time location updates of their shipments.
  • Honesty: Our platform utilizes an intelligent system that ensures security and confidentiality.

Digitize Your Processes

Eliminate the need to visit counters, stand in lines, or present physical documents. Contribute to a simpler and more sustainable transportation logistics.

Lighter Processes

Achieve simpler processes throughout the logistics chain.

Transparency and Visibility

Know the status of your shipments in real-time without the need to travel or check multiple channels.